Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Curry Crisps

I used to love Salt n' Shake crisps - it's amazing how much more fun crisps seemed when the salt came in a separate sachet. But less well known were the 80s follow-up, 'Flavour 'n' Shake', where the little blue bag of salt was replaced with a pouch of powederd flavouring. I fondly remember combining different flavour sachets and pouring them into the packet, inevitably with revolting results.
So here is my homage to the Salt/Flavour 'n' Shake concept. First I made the crisps by thinly slicing potato and sweet potato, and then deep frying in vegetable oil until golden brown and very crispy.


I made the curry seasoning by roasting cumin, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, peppercorns and cardamon. I finely ground the roasted spices, and mixed in some salt and chilli powder... before putting the whole lot in a big bag and giving it a damn good shake!

Fresh home made crisps are simple, cheap, and taste bloody brilliant. I guess they could be a good opener at a dinner party, but I wouldn't really know - I just sat down with a nice cold beer in front of the TV, and scoffed the lot.




  1. There is nothing quite better than hot crisps. I'm totally doing this, with beetroot and carrot too.