Thursday, 29 August 2013

Monster Chicken Sandwich

There are exciting times on the horizons, as FishBiscuits HQ is moving to a new premises! Unfortunately, the future Fishbiscuits Mansions is currently in a bit of a state, and needs a hell of a lot of work before it is fit for human habitation. Therefore my current weapons of choice are the hammer and drill, rather than the whisk and frying pan.

Nevertheless, I still had time to put together this rather special "dish". First stop - KFC. I think most people like a bit of fried chicken now and again, whether it's a post piss-up snack, a Friday lunchtime guilty pleasure, or just a crap dinner. But today I wasn't looking for the Colonel's traditional drumsticks/thighs - I was after the "Boneless Banquet". This consists of three mini breast fillets, fries, and small box of "popcorn" chicken. You also get a drink, one side, and a dip. The price for this little lot is around £6.50, which I don't think is particularly cheap.

I needed a bread roll big enough to hold the boneless banquet (minus the pepsi, of course... I drank that on the way home). The best I could find was a large ciabatta from Asda. So I don't want to hear any nonsense about ciabatta being too posh... if you can suggest a better vessel large enough to hold the chicken and fries, I'm all ears.

There was a reasonable amount of food to start with, but when placed inside a sandwich, the banquet becomes a feast of gargantuan proportions... and I'd be lying if I said I didn't struggle to finish it.



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