Monday, 11 February 2013

Pancake Day - Cripsy Duck

What's the nation's favourite pancake filling/topping? Lemon and sugar? Maple syrup? Nutella? Nope. The UK's favourite pancake is the crispy duck pancake. Fact.

OK, so those thin steamed Chinese pancake thingies are a bit different from your average British pancake-day effort, but I see no reason not to combine the two. Although if you have any Chinese friends, they might possibly try to kill you when they discover this bastardisation of their cuisine.

I rubbed a duck leg with salt, sichuan pepper, and star anise. Then roasted it on a low temperature for two hours, until the meat was nice and tender.

I left the duck in the fridge until I was ready to eat it - at which point I dipped the legs in cornflour and fried them over a very high heat, in a mixture of vegetable oil and duck fat, until the skin was very crispy.

The meat fell off the bone effortlessly when shredded with a fork. Perfect when rolled between a pancake with cucumber, spring onion, and hoi sin sauce! And you have the added benefit of celebrating pancake day and Chinese New Year with one delicious meal.



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