Monday, 11 November 2013

Red Bull Chili Chicken

Cooking meat in coke is pretty common - I've done it myself on a few occasions, and it's a great way of getting a sticky, sweet coating on your meat. I've also heard of people making bbq sauce from Fanta, which I'm definitely going to try soon. So this got me thinking, what other soft drinks can I use in cooking?
Red Bull has a rather strong and distinctive flavour, and I was a bit worried that it might render anything cooked in it fairly inedible. So I decided to add additional flavourings in the form of garlic, lots of chilli, and of course plenty of salt and pepper. Those little dried chillies might not look like much, but those home grown fellas are really powerful!

I simmered the chicken thighs in the red bull with the chopped garlic and chilli for a little while. Long enough for it to start to come away from the bone, but not so long that it completely fell apart.

Nobody wants to eat anaemic looking boiled chicken... so I put it in the oven on high heat for ten minutes to brown up.

Now, this was more like it! I took the cooking "juice", blended it, and reduced until thick and sticky. Then I dunked the cooked chicken in the spicy red bull syrup. Yummy.

I ate the chicken with some coleslaw and garlic bread, and of course, a nice cold beer.

So how did it taste? Exactly as you might imagine... very sweet, very spicy, and rather chemically. It was kind of OK, but maybe not a recipe to repeat regularly. I think Coke would have worked much better... in fact the chicken on it's own would have been better. But the experience has made me a wiser man.



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