Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fish Finger Sandwich

I did some research on the internet before writing this, my first post. There are quite a few blog posts out there on the subject of the fish finger sandwich, but frankly I was disgusted with what I read. Home-made fish fingers made from snapper/tilapia/monkfish, sourdough bread (or worse, 'artisan'), home-made tartare sauce, rocket... it's just not right.

If there's ever a dish where your Nigel Slater aspirations are inappropriate, it is the fish finger sandwich. And don't even think about prefixing it with the word "posh". Anyway, without further delay, here is my version.

Fry the fish fingers. I used Birdseye. Meanwhile, spread one slice of bread with ketchup and add a sliced gherkin.

When the fingers are almost cooked, add a slice of cheese and cook until melted. Then remove from the heat and quickly fry an egg.

Spread the top slice of bread with tartare sauce. Place the cheesey fish fingers on top of the gherkins, add the fried egg, and finish with the top slice of bread. Squish down until the yolk, tartare cause, and melted cheese all run into each other.

THAT, my friends, is a fish finger sandwich.




  1. A fish finger sandwich should never, EVER be 'artisan'. It should be as you describe or, in its most simple form, two slices of white bread, spread with marg and then salted, with the golden lovelies plonked on top of that. Toasting might just be allowed.

    Bravo on your blog!

    1. I can tell that you are a purist, and someone who possesses rare clarity of thought. This is to be admired. While my preference is for an abundance of toppings and condiments, the fish finger in it's purest state is nevertheless a wondrous thing.

    2. That way of cooking said sarnie was described to me by a friend, when we'd been at a festival for three days. There was a collective [sigh] as we all just...pictured it.

      Place bets on how many of us went home and cooked it.

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  3. Dude. Is that seeded bread? Only sliced pappy white will do! I sometimes tart mine up with sweet chilli sauce, all exotic like.

    1. I'm afraid so. We didn't have any sliced white at home, and going out to buy specific "ingredients" is against my ethos. Sort of.